If you are looking for a dramatic new look the latest trends are the bleached/greyish
look. Not only will this improve your overall charm and look, but it will also give you a
confidence boost. Though it’s a very exciting step to take, it’s essential to approach the
process with caution so you can achieve your desired results without causing damage
to your hair. Here are some dos and don’ts of bleaching & dyeing your hair to keep in


Consult a Professional Barber

Before you dive right into the bleaching and dyeing process, it’s very important that you
visit a professional barber or colorist. They will assess your hair’s condition and provide
you with the best bleaching and dyeing recommendations. Do not try to do this at home.
You can damage your hair, burn your scalp.

Use Quality Hair Products

There are high-quality hair bleach and dye products that are specifically designed for
the bleaching process. The barbers at CG have years of experience using these
products and will also advise you of the after care products to use.

In the Barbershop

If you’re planning on getting a dramatic change to your appearance, the best way to do
it is by going to a barbershop. Though you need to take note that this is a lengthy
process; it can take up to 4 hours to transform dark hair to a bleached/greyish look so
make sure when you take the decision to change your look that you pick a day when
you have some time to spare. Your barber will explain the process during your

Follow Post-Bleaching & Dyeing Care

After your bleaching and dyeing treatment, your hair will become significantly weak and
more prone to breakage. If you’re a shampoo user, it’s best to refrain from that in the
first week after your treatment as it will strip natural oils for hair growth and health from
the hair cuticle. Instead, you should use leave-in conditioners and serums to secure
protection and prevent further damage to your hair. Your barber at CG will advise you of
the best post care shampoos and conditioners we stock to help you keep your new hair
colour looking fresh for as long as possible.


Bleach Over Previously Colored Hair

If you’ve previously colored your hair with henna or other metallic-based dyes, it’s best if
you refrain from bleaching it for a while. Even if you want to bleach your hair just to color
it right after, the chemical reactions can be unpredictable and may result in uneven color
or damage.

Bleach Damaged Hair

Do not bleach already damaged or brittle hair as this can lead to breakage and split
ends. It’s imperative that you make sure your hair is in good condition before you
undergo any bleaching or dyeing treatment.


Bleaching your hair too often or leaving the bleach on longer than the recommended
time can cause severe damage. The bleaching process can make or break your hair
(quite literally), so it is very important that you follow the instructions carefully and avoid
over-processing your hair.

Neglect Hair Maintenance

Once you’ve bleached and dyed your hair, regular maintenance is very important to
keep the color looking fresh and vibrant. It’s best to schedule touch-up appointments
with your barber as needed.

Ready to Bleach & Dye Your Hair?

Bleaching and dyeing your hair can be a positive and transformative experience as it
will improve your appearance as well as boost your confidence. If you’re looking for
professionals that will help you achieve your desired bleach and color, book a free
consultation with the CG team to discuss your new look by giving us a call on 04 227
or book online at www.cgbarbershop.com.