Our Story

The art of barbering in the Gamal family dates back to 1913, a lineage that spans over a century. Carlos Gamal the founder and owner first picked up a pair of scissors in his father’s barbershop at the age of 11, he learned his craft stood alongside his father and brothers in their family-owned barbershop. And so, the story of CG begins…

Over 3 generations later, CG continues the spiritual Lineage of this barbershop, staying true to the tradition with touch of modern luxury.

CG Barbershop was established in 2019 in Dubai and is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: the art of technical barbering and grooming.

Our team is a group of highly recognized and skilled barbers and hair stylists. Each and every one is an expert of their field with many years of experience, well equipped to offer the best results and to suit every grooming need.