We’re excited to announce that we are expanding CG. We’ll be staying in our current location at Arjaan by Rotana Hotel and sprucing things up by increasing our capacity and adding some exciting new services. After receiving a lot of requests from our clients, we are finally adding mani/pedi services to the menu.

Get ready because the new and improved CG is just around the corner. We are looking forward to showing you the new look of CG that we’ve been working on, and trust us- it’s definitely worth the wait.

We already let you experience our premium quality services first-hand, but we are going to double that effort and quality in the coming year.

As you all know, CG Barber Shop currently offers a wide range of services that includes both barbering and grooming. From hair, beard, to facials – we have got it all.


Our industry-leading haircut and hairstyle services allows you to reinvent yourself exactly the way you want. If you are searching for a new hairstyle but you are not exactly sure where to look, you can always turn to us for advice. We will provide you a free hair consultation and let you decide which hairstyle you want us to give you. From awesome fades to complete CG hair restyling, we will help you find the best look that represents your unique personality.


Men’s facial hair styles have circled around through the years as they quickly go on and off trend ever so often. That is why if you are looking to take the style of your beard to the next level, we have got you covered. Since the beard is the frame to the face, CG Barber Shop styles and handles it with proper care. We ensure that your beard helps you make a statement. We currently have a wide variety of services that can give a beard the “glorious stamp” and elevate your unique style.


We let you give your skin some much-needed pampering. A gentleman’s face must always reflect his attention to detail. That is why our facial treatments are much more than just a simple skin cleansing. They are carefully selected to refresh and soothe the skin. Our facials nourish and regenerate your skin, achieving a healthier glow that is long-lasting.

With 2023 up ahead, our wide range of services will now have new additions. We are expanding our services by adding Manicure and Pedicure.

Manicure & Pedicure

Sit back and relax as we make you look and feel your best with well-pampered nails. A good mani-pedi session does a lot more than just make you feel as clean and healthy as possible. This also has a lot of benefits like nail health improvement, it helps in relaxing and de-stressing, it improves your overall hand health, boosts your blood circulation, and makes your hands look younger.

Aside from our additional services, we have huge plans for the new year, that includes adding more members to our dedicated team of expert barbers and grooming specialists in order to serve you better.  

Ready for what CG Barber Shop will bring you this 2023?

Stay in the loop with all the latest updates from CG Barber Shop by following us on social media and checking out our blog. We’ve got big things in the works, and you don’t want to miss a thing. In the meantime, while we wait for our expansion in April 2023, feel free to check out all the amazing services we currently offer. Treat yourself to a day of pampering at CG, you deserve it.