As the world of grooming continues to evolve, men who want to make a statement with their hairstyles must stay updated in order to keep up with the latest trends. As 2023 slowly comes to a close, and peer into what 2024 has in store for us, let’s explore the latest grooming trends that are set to redefine style and sophistication.

Hairstyle Trends for Men in 2023

There has been a mix of traditional and contemporary hairstyles for men this 2023. As the year comes to an end, we’ll do a style recap of the men’s hairstyle trends.

Crew Cut

This year, the crew cut has emerged as a timeless and versatile trend, featuring short sides and back paired with slightly longer top sections. This classic style, often associated with the “short back and sides” request, suits straight, wavy, and thick hair, demanding minimal maintenance. This cut’s adaptability extends to various face shapes, including the classic diamond, and the addition of a high fade can create an oval face appearance, catering to those with square face shapes. Originating from military roots, the crew cut is a functional and minimalist choice, transcending age groups and accommodating nearly all hair types. Whether opting for simplicity or adding a loosely defined side part, the crew cut remains a practical and stylish option for men in 2023.

Buzz Cut

A prevailing trend in 2023, the buzz cut remains a classic and effortlessly cool haircut for men. This hairstyle offers a range of variations, with the key lying in understanding the four basic clipper cuts and the resulting hair lengths. Ranging from No. 1 at 3.175 mm, revealing the scalp, to No. 4 at 12.7 mm, as worn by celebrities like Tom Cruise, the buzz cut’s popularity stems from its carefree nature, requiring minimal styling unless a dewy look is desired.


The Pompadour stands out as a classic and iconic choice among the hairstyle trends this 2023. Named after Madame de Pompadour, this style, popularized by Elvis Presley, involves sweeping the hair back, creating height and body. The upswept hair can be precisely shaped or left slightly undone, exuding a timeless charm. The side and back can be complemented with a taper fade, crew cut, or buzz cut for added drama. Styling wax is essential for maintaining this hairstyle’s structure, and its complexity demands careful attention.

Quiff with Side Part

One of the most versatile hairstyle trends this 2023 is the versatile and timeless Quiff with Side Part. This stands out with its potential cut and styling variations, which makes it suitable for all seasons. The top hair quiff is elegantly brushed up and back, exuding an old-school celebrity suaveness that has been popular since the 1950s. This style provides wearers with flexibility in terms of cut length and product use, but it’s essential to note that this is a statement style that demands some upkeep and maintenance, so a regular visit to the barber is a must.

The Peaky Blinder

The most significant trends this year include one inspired by an iconic TV show, Peaky Blinders, sparking a resurgence of early 20th-century hairstyles. The Peaky Blinder haircut is characterized by a long, tousled top paired with shaved sides, creating a distinctive look that requires careful styling to achieve the perfect balance of length, structured messiness, and clean sides. This cut is ideal for round faces as the clipped sides contribute to the illusion of an elongated face.

Hairstyle Trends for Men in 2024

While 2023 may be coming to a close, the year 2024 and the evolution of men’s grooming and hairstyle trends remains fast approaching. This upcoming year promises a diverse array of trends that will define the landscape of men’s hairstyles. 

Buzz Cut

Continuing its reign from 2023, the buzz cut remains the go-to hairstyle in 2024 for those seeking a low-maintenance and minimalist look. Despite its seemingly simple nature, the buzz cut requires regular upkeep, especially if opting for a ‘grade three,’ which typically demands trimming every two to three weeks.

Floppy hairstyle 

Next year, expect to see a trend that involves growing out shiny, healthy, and effortlessly floppy hair—a move away from structured styles towards a more relaxed look. A lot of men’s beauty products are on the rise, and in 2024, more brands will introduce extensive hair care lines, going beyond the usual 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash. This reflects a recognition of diverse grooming needs, encouraging a holistic approach to men’s hair care for vibrant and lively locks.

Messy Fringe

Opting for a short back and sides with a messy fringe ensures a low-maintenance yet stylish look. Consult your stylist to keep the fringe at a length that allows for versatile styling—whether straight or curly, this adaptable style suits individuals of all preferences.

Side Parting

For those inclined towards a more polished appearance, the timeless side parting is a perfect choice. Originating in the 1950s, this style can be modernized with a skin fade. Request this sleek update from your barber for an edgier and contemporary look.

The Man Bun/Ponytail

Whether it’s a style you adore or one you’d rather avoid, the men’s hairstyle of choice from the 2010s is gearing up for a significant resurgence in 2024. The relaxed, longer hairstyle fashioned into a half-ponytail or bun is poised to dominate the scene. Celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp, and David Beckham were enthusiasts of the original trend, setting the stage for its comeback this year.

Men’s grooming in 2023 and the anticipated trends for 2024 are filled with diverse hairstyles. From the timeless appeal of classic cuts with a contemporary twist to the bold experimentation seen in hairstyles like the Peaky Blinder and the revived Man Bun/Ponytail, men’s grooming is embracing both tradition and innovation. Whatever your style preference is, you may explore, experiment, and redefine your look while using these hairstyles as reference in the coming year.