Men often suffer from blisters, misshapen nails, and other discomforts that can be easily addressed with a manicure or pedicure designed specifically for men. That’s why it is very important to give sufficient attention and care to these hard working body parts. After all, your feet and hands are your money makers, and they deserve maintenance and TLC. By incorporating regular mani/pedi sessions into your monthly routine, you can avoid these annoying issues and keep your hands and feet in optimal condition.

How to Remove Hard Skin on Feet

The UAE always has hot weather, which is why it is essential for you to take special care of your feet as they may have hard, calloused skin that may be uncomfortable and unsightly. That’s why it is vital to take at least 15-30 minutes out of your day to give your feet some well-needed care. To remove hard skin on your feet effectively, follow these simple steps:

Soak Your Feet

To prepare your skin for exfoliation, you may soak your feet in warm, soapy water for about 10-15 minutes to soften the hard skin.


The best way to exfoliate is by using a pumice stone or foot scrub on the hardened areas on your feet. When exfoliating, it is important to be gentle yet thorough. Don’t scrub too hard as it can cause irritation.

Moisturize Your Skin

After you exfoliate your feet, you may apply a rich foot cream or lotion to keep your skin hydrated and prevent new calluses from forming.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining smooth feet is a must, so it is very important that you repeat this process every week or as needed.

Importance of Foot and Nail Care

Foot and nail care makes you look neat and helps your overall health and well-being. However, taking care of your feet and your nails gives you a lot more benefits that go beyond looking neat. Here are some reasons why you should prioritize foot and nail care:

Preventing Infections

Proper foot care can help prevent infections caused by bacteria and fungi, which can thrive in warm and moist environments. Having proper foot and nail care can prevent infections caused by bacteria and fungi, as they thrive in warm and moist environments. By practicing good foot hygiene, you can create an inhospitable environment for these harmful pathogens. It is also vital to keep your nails trimmed and clean as this reduces the risk of dirt and bacteria from accumulating under the nails, which in turn prevents infection.

Managing Foot Conditions

By properly caring for your feet, you can manage conditions like athlete’s foot and ingrown toenails. To prevent conditions like athlete’s foot, it is important to keep your feet clean and dry and avoid walking barefoot in public areas. Also, if you have ingrown toenails, you should practice proper nail trimming and wear suitable footwear. By having consistent foot care, you can prevent fungal nail infections and get healthier nails.

Proper Nail Growth

Encouraging healthy nail growth is an important aspect of nail care that goes beyond just aesthetics. By having proper nail care, you can enhance the appearance of your nails and promote their overall health and strength.

Treat Yourself to a Mani/Pedi

Getting a mani/pedi will not only provide your feet and nails with the pampering they need to become neater and healthier, but it will also provide you with an opportunity to unwind and relax as you treat yourself to a day at CG Barbershop. Our skilled professionals will clean your nails, treat your cuticles, and remove dead skin with a pumice stone, leaving you with perfectly groomed hands and feet.

So, treat yourself to a mani/pedi and give your hardworking hands and feet the care they truly deserve. Book an appointment with CG Barbershop today.