Several years ago, the Dubai branch of CG Barbershop was opened officially. However, this is just another chapter in a rich history that has spanned over 100 years and three generations. Carlos Gamal, the founder of CG Barbershop in Dubai, was born into a family with a strong affiliation with barbering, and he started learning the craft as an 11-year-old boy – standing alongside his father trying to soak up all the knowledge he can. Today, CG’s aim is to ensure the spiritual lineage endures, and that the culture of top-class service delivery that spans a century is maintained – with an adaptable modern twist that takes inspiration from technical barbering.

CG Barbershop and the Art of Technical Barbering

For years, barbers have been regarded as creative artists, and people respect their ability to take an idea and bring it to life. If you think about the best haircut you’ve ever had, you’ll realize that at the end, you were somewhat surprised at how well the barber was able to bring your thoughts to life. That’s creativity at work. 

However, in the modern day, it has become clearer that in addition to being artistic, barbers also have to be technical. Technical barbering means applying technical skills and knowledge to artistic expression. It’s knowing how to use scissors and razor in addition to clippers during a haircut, and knowing the best times to use either one. It’s mastering shaving techniques and performing precise beard trims that enhance the customer’s look. And most of all, technical barbering is understanding how different hair textures/shapes and facial structures can be manipulated to attain the best results for the customer. 

At CG Barbershop, we are committed to barbering as an art, but also as a technical endeavor. Whether you visit us for a full haircut, skin fade, restyling, or a buzz cut, you can rest assured that your barber is an artist as well as a technician. Furthermore, we understand the impact of grooming on a positive mental outlook, and we want you to stand up from the chair with a brand new haircut, a lighter mind, and a spring in your step. 

Our Continued Commitment to Top Quality Service Delivery 

For the past 5+ years, CG Barbershop has served the people around the Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and Dubai Media City. We have helped thousands of men rediscover their personal style with great haircuts, razor shaves, beard trims, line ups. That’s not all though; CG Barbershop also offers facials, manicure, pedicure, and massages – because we believe that ideal personal grooming goes beyond just getting a haircut. 

Going into the future, we are even more committed to providing top quality service delivery, and helping men find the best version of themselves. We believe that optimal physical health is the key to great mental health, and are determined to ensure everyone who visits CG leaves the salon looking good and feeling even better. Men work so hard to provide a better life for their loved ones, and it’s imperative that the community comes together to provide a space for them to recharge and rediscover their most empowered selves. 

This is a pursuit hundreds of years in the making, and at CG, we want to keep the tradition going, providing a safe space for men to talk without judgment, get a stunning haircut, and improve their overall grooming. If you live in Dubai, take advantage of the first-class services on offer at CG Barbershop. To get started, simply book a session by following this link.