Remember that feeling of stepping out of a barbershop with a haircut so fresh it practically shines? You know how there’s a pep in your step, the world just seems a little brighter and your swagger a little bolder? Yeah, that has been my life on repeat since CG Barbershop became home. For me, however, it’s not just about looking good – it’s about feeling good. Like “king-of-the-world, walk-into-any-room-and-own-it” good.

When I was younger, grooming was a chore. A quick buzz in the bathroom mirror, a beard trim with those dull clippers, the ones we all have gathering dust in the drawer. But as I got older, I grasped the true meaning of what a good grooming session can do to one’s confidence. So, walking into CG is like entering a whole new world of self-care. It’s not just a haircut, it’s a transformation.

Sami, my barber-turned-confidence-alchemist, greets me with a grin that could charm a grizzly bear out of hibernation. We then devise the “game plan.” This is where he pretends to listen to what I want but does exactly what he wants. He does this because he knows what’s best for me. And despite me playfully nagging him about it, I, on a deeper level, know that he’s right! Time melts away as he sculpts my beard into a masterpiece, trims my hair, and even throws in a hair dye job that makes me feel like a rockstar ready to storm the stage. All while we dive into insightful conversations, listen to live guitar played by one of CG’s barbers, Abderrahim, and laugh these hours away.

And then, the moment of truth. I stand up, swivel in the chair, and catch my reflection in the mirror. Yup, he has done it again! It’s not just a new haircut, it’s a whole new me. My eyes sparkle, my shoulders square, and a grin stretches across my face. This isn’t just confidence, it’s pure, unadulterated swagger.

This has become a pre-important event ritual that I cannot do without. From that moment on, every big meeting, every party, every trip becomes a runway. I walk in, head held high, feeling like I could charm the socks off a dragon. People notice. They compliment my hair, beard, and how I carry myself. But the real magic isn’t in the comments, it’s in the way I feel. Unstoppable. Unafraid. Like I can conquer any challenge, own any dance floor, and charm my way into any VIP room.

So, yeah, CG Barbershop is more than just a place to get a haircut. It’s a confidence factory, a swagger foundry, a place where I shed my doubts and step out as the best version of myself. And it all starts with a chat with Sami, a snip of the shears, and a brand-new subscription of self-belief.

Next up in the series: We’ll explore the deeper connection between grooming and self-worth, and why taking care of ourselves is the ultimate act of self-love. Stay tuned! 

If you’re in Dubai and would love a haircut and a confidence recharge, book a session with Sami and the guys. Follow this link and click on Book Now to schedule an appointment, it takes less than a minute. 

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you:

What are your go-to confidence boosters?

Have you ever experienced a “makeover magic” moment?

How do you feel about the link between grooming and self-worth?

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